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Details of our production that guarantee the quality of your windows

KORSA Fenster GmbH




For plastic windows and doors to be of the highest quality and serve their owners for many years, it is essential that their production is conducted in adherence to all standards and with strict quality control. Here, we will tell you how a responsible approach to every detail affects the overall quality of the windows.

Input control of all components for compliance with REHAU company requirements and DSTU with keeping corresponding documentation. Measurement of the thickness of each batch of reinforcement, adhesion of spacer bars, correctness of mixing of sealants, operability of each batch of molecular sieve.

Creating technical conditions for the processing of profiles and components (such as room temperature in the cold season and lighting) ensures compliance with the necessary conditions and proper quality of work.

The curing of sealant. Curing of sealant occurs as a result of the mixing of two components (base and curing agent) followed by a polymerization reaction.

The correctness of the mixing of sealants. The correct consistency and proportions when mixing sealants allow you to get a high-quality sealant with good adhesion.

Primary seal adhesion is applied to the side surface of the spacer bar and serves as an additional means of securing the frame to the glass when making glazing. In the finished product, it is the main barrier that prevents the penetration of water vapor from the atmosphere into the space between the glasses, providing 93-95% tightness of the product.

Secondary sealant adhesion has excellent adhesive properties, providing a complete hermetic seal of the glazing, which directly affects the energy efficiency of the window.

A Delta Test for Molecular Sieve is a quick way to evaluate the effectiveness of adsorbents. This test is based on the heat release effect that occurs when the molecular sieve is immersed in water.  The more water absorbed by the adsorbent, the greater the heat produced. This test should be conducted before each material change.

The spacer bars exhibit good adhesion with gaskets, resulting in excellent hermeticity of the glazing.

Using high-quality molecular sieves, NEDEX sieves are specially designed for the production of glazing. Their quality is confirmed by certificates from world-renowned organizations, and they boast high operational performance, including moisture absorption.

Professional primary hermetic and polysulfide Fenzi provides reliable hermetic sealing of the glazing, reducing gas leakage to a minimum of no more than 2% per year.

Spacer bars from only European manufacturers: 

  • - Aluminum spacer bars from Profilglass, an Italian manufacturer, are a popular and reliable option, having been tested over time.

  • - The Swisspacer plastic spacer bar from the Swiss manufacturer minimizes the possibility of condensation forming around the perimeter of the glazing.

The filling and secondary sealing camera meets the requirements of DSTU and have a width ranging from 10 to 11 mm.

The renowned Austrian equipment manufacturer, LISEC, is perfect for producing energy-saving, insulating glazing and fully meets all production needs.

Only M-0 and M-1 glass is used, distinguished by their high quality, transparency, and absence of defects.

All components for window production are manufactured in Europe and purchased only from trusted suppliers.

European equipment for the production of windows and glazing.  Automated lines allow to produce windows in the shortest time, with consistently high quality.

The staff of the Technical Control Department monitor compliance with all production standards and regulations.

Regular inspection of the geometrical dimensions of windows, diagonals, welding seams and distances between screws. Every product undergoes strict quality checks.

Measure the thickness of each piece of reinforcement, as the reinforcement profile is the ‘skeleton’ of the window. It is essential for the window to be stable and maintain its shape. KORSA Windows ™  uses reinforcement with a thickness of 1.5 mm and regularly checks this parameter.

Testing the profile for breakage, company specialists regularly carry out checks of its resistance to breakage on special machines. The standard resistance to breakage of the profile is 320 kPa, while REHAU profiles can actually withstand loads of up to 570 kPa.

High-quality components from REHAU company are used in the production of windows. This company has established itself as a leader  in the manufacture of polymer products around the world.

For painting profiles, Window KORSA™ uses only the highest quality paint from Swiss manufacturer FEYCO. The profile is painted on high-quality equipment, in accordance with Swiss technology, using the air spraying method in specialized chambers for painting.

Windows KORSA ™ products have been tested and are compliant with all current European standards and regulations, as evidenced by the accompanying certificates.

Behind every manufactured window stands the enormous work of people striving to create a quality product. Attention to every detail is essential in order to produce truly high-quality metal-plastic structures. Strict adherence to standards at every stage of production guarantees consistently high quality.

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