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How do you choose the right plastic windows? Criteria for the selection of windows

KORSA Fenster GmbH




Reinforced plastic windows have practically replaced wooden constructions because they require absolutely little maintenance and are durable. Choosing metal-plastic windows is a responsible task. Do not favor cheap designs. The savings in material and accessories will have a negative impact as soon as it gets cold. It is best to contact the KORSA Fenster specialists with the question of choosing a window, or independently study the choice of plastic windows and start the purchase with your knowledge. The right choice of windows guarantees the absence of drafts, fogging, freezing and many other problems faced by residents of houses and apartments.

Choosing windows for an apartment

Before choosing metal-plastic windows for an apartment, you should decide with the manufacturer. By giving preference to a brand like REHAU, the consumer has a chance to purchase a reliable window with an energy-saving glass unit.

How to choose the right metal-plastic window?

Modern manufacturers of metal-plastic structures offer many solutions for glazing your home. How to choose a really high-quality window among this variety?

The main requirements for the windows of apartment buildings are high sound insulation, security and the ability to ventilate the room. An important factor is the choice of components. Their quality affects the tightness of the sash and the functioning of the fittings. Residents of the lower floors should choose plastic windows equipped with protective elements. If small children live in the apartment, there must be locking elements from the inside.

Choose windows for a private house

Answering the question of how to choose windows in a private house or cottage, one cannot overlook the importance of energy-saving properties. In order to save on heating fluids in the winter season, it is necessary to give preference to multifunctional double-glazed windows. The chambers of such a window are filled with inert gas. This means that the glass unit keeps the heat in the house in the winter and keeps the outside heat out in the summer. Such a window will cost more than usual, but the cost will pay off already in the first season.

In addition to energy efficiency, good sound insulation and pleasant lighting in the house are important. Plastic windows must be equipped with protective elements to prevent burglary attempts from the outside.

We measure correctly

In order to accurately determine the size of the future window, it is necessary to call a gauge. Craftsmen know how to measure correctly so that the profile is easy to assemble and in the future there are no difficulties with its operation. However, if you want to know the approximate cost of the structure, you can do this work yourself or order a free measurement.

To determine the width of the window, the opening is measured along the bottom and top edges, and then down the middle.

If the results differ slightly, the lowest value should be chosen. It is necessary to determine the height in a similar way, measuring the opening on the left, right and in the middle. When taking measurements, you should take into account the presence of an installation gap, the size of which ranges from two to five centimeters.

Important! The frame size must always be smaller than the opening. Measurements should be taken inside and outside the room.

Having decided on the parameters of a metal-plastic window, its appearance, the number of sashes, the presence of a transom, a window sill and an ebb, take measurements and order windows. Managers quickly calculate the approximate cost of the structure, and you can finally decide on the choice.

Choosing the type of opening of the sash

When choosing plastic windows, you should decide on the type of sashes. They determine the functionality of the structure and the convenience of its operation. Depending on the size of the structure, the number of windows in the room and the need for regular ventilation, it is necessary to choose the type of sash.

  1. Blind windows. Stationary frame and glass construction. Fixed windows have no fittings and cannot be opened. Most often they are installed as an element of a multi-leaf window or as a showcase.
  2. Turn-tilt window. This is the most common and common type of opening and is suitable for houses and apartments. The mechanism opens horizontally and vertically and is suitable for rectangular, curved and trapezoidal constructions. Micro slot ventilation is possible with this option.
  3. Skylight (window with skylight).
  4. French casement window (hinged out). Their doors open in the same plane and, as a rule, open to the interior of the room.
  5. Sliding systems. These windows are the right choice for rooms with limited space. They are ideal for glazing loggias and balconies.

What is the best PVC profile?

The profiles are divided into three classes: Premium, Standard and Economy. Which windows to choose depends on the requirements for thermal insulation and the financial capabilities of the customer.

Important! The reliability of the whole structure depends precisely on the type of profile. They are made of PVC and at first glance they look the same. Thermal insulation is ensured by internal air chambers and strength is ensured by metal reinforcement. The higher the profile class, the greater the outer wall thickness.

  1. REHAU EURO 60
  2. REHAU EURO 70

The manufacturer REHAU presents 7 types of profile systems:

  1. Reliable and economical REHAU EURO 60 profile with a smooth surface and 15° bevel, suitable for the manufacture of standard doors and windows, balconies and loggias;
  2. 7-chamber PVC profile REHAU SYNEGO with increased thermal insulation, which allows windows to be 50% warmer;
  3. Standard five-chamber system REHAU EURO 70, which combines good sound insulation, noise and dust protection;
  4. New 6-chamber plastic profile with a depth of 86 mm - REHAU GENEO, made from RAU-FIPRO material and with high thermal insulation values;
  5. The five-chamber system of the REHAU BRILLANT DESIGN luxury class with an exquisite high-gloss surface has increased rigidity thanks to the reinforcement made of 1.5 mm thick metal.
  6. REHAU KORSA DESIGN 70 - a five-chamber profile system, a joint development by KORSA and REHAU, ideally complements the interior of your premises and will inspire you with its appearance.
  7. Ideal windows for a "passive house" REHAU GENEO PHZ is an innovative product from REHAU, a unique 6-chamber profile system with a depth of 86 mm. Special thermal modules and an integrated medium density circuit play a special role in the REHAU GENEO PHZ profile system. It is thanks to them that such high energy efficiency figures are achieved.

Auswahl eines doppelt verglasten Fensters

Having wondered how to choose a double-glazed window, you should determine the conditions in which the metal-plastic window will work. Single-chamber double-glazed windows are suitable for glazing balconies and unheated rooms. Windows with double glazing are worthwhile for everyone who values energy savings and needs increased sound insulation.

Multifunctional double-glazed windows have good light transmission. Due to the thickness of the profile, they are resistant to mechanical damage.


The lifespan of the window, the proper functioning of the systems, the smoothness of movement and the security of burglary protection depend on the quality of the fittings. Steel components are considered the most durable. Before ordering windows and buying accessories, you need to make sure that you have certificates and trademark marks. The KORSA windows install high-quality German GU (Gretsch-Unitas GmbH) fittings in window constructions.

Selection of accessories and equipment

When choosing accessories for windows, you should pay attention to the material, color and functionality. You can choose metal-plastic windows and order roller shutters, blinds and mosquito nets for them. If necessary, window sills, embankments and ebb can be added to the package.

Mosquito net


Horizontal blinds

Exterior window sills

Our company operates in 24 regions of Ukraine. We have two factories producing metal-plastic windows, our sales outlets are located in 120 settlements. If you decide to buy windows in Kyiv, order a free call by clicking the button below to get professional advice from our manager. He can calculate the exact cost of the selected profile and glass unit, which depends on the type of profile, size of the structure, installation, availability of additional elements and delivery.


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